When I grow up I want to be a…..

When I grow up I want to be a hairstylist, why?, because I love to work with hair and always want to try new things, and I believe a hairstylist would be a very good job for me.


The first reason why I want to be a hairstylist is that my auntie Sam, also went in hairstyling business, my auntie can cut, trim and braid and sometimes colour hair.  I want to be just like my auntie Sam.


The second reason why I want to a hairstylist, is when I do my hair I think I look pretty and if I do peoles hair then maybe they will think that they our pretty or handsome that is why I want to be a hairstylist.


My last reason is that a Hairstylist gets paid pretty good. They get paid $11k -$33k per year and $10.25-$24.04 per hour. If hairstyling does not pay me enough money then I will chose another job that pays more than a hairstylist does.


What you learn at hairstyling is how to cut, trim, perm, straighten and style hair. You also learn how to colour hair including bleaching tinting, dying and streaking. Another thing is how to apply hair extensions. You also learn how to analyze a client’s hair and scalp and recommend treatments and care. The last thing that you learn is how to recommend hairstyles and colour that suit a client’s features and preferences that is what you learn a hairstyling.


So as you see I think a hairstylist would be very good for me and if not then there are plenty other jobs  to choose from, such as a cook or a machine work they get paid pretty good, but what I want to be is a………. hairstylist.

The Candy

The candy was sooooo delicious, the best candy I have ever had is those little candy burgers they are so chewy they look like a real burger it was there best burger i have ever had (candy of coarse).Now that Halloween is almost here i can’t wait for Halloween.Every Halloween after we go trick or treating  i eat all the little candy burgers first,they are soooooo awesome.

my summer

this summer was fun I went camping and canoeing  and I also went to Courtney it was awesome we help my auntie move in to her new house we also went camping too. We went to the lake about 10 times it was so fun! we went to the beach and that fun to i think if u spend summer with your family is the best summer ever but if you don’t spend it with your family it isn’t that fun. The sane goes with friends, some can be fun but you have to know how to do it right. i had the best summer ever I got to spend time with my friends and family. now that is the proper way to spend a summer

My little brother

My little brother Alexander is so cute, he was born in
Port McNeil at 6:27 am. when he was born his blood sugar was low and his heart was not beating properly, so my mom and him went to Vancouver. For eight days is Vancouver and one day in Courtney.
When my mom and dad came back from Courtney I was screaming but not too loud. Because he was sleeping and when he woke up he had very adorable eyes, he look a lot like my dad and he had my mom’s lips. I all ways help my mom with the baby, sometimes I feed him and bottle and just hold to put him to sleep or calm him down. I am so happy that I have a baby brother. 
The end

spring break

is spring break was not the best spring break ever but it was still really fun. the weather was not very springy but some days can be rainy there is such things called spring showers am I
right when i live back in Victoria spring was my favorite season now i live in Sointula and my favorite season is summer. spring break is so cool.

science fair

This year for science fair i am making a canister rocket it sounded really fun to do so i am going to do it. it sounds like i need allot of stuff but i hope i get first prize.

music is cool

music is the awesome it is when kids can get away from school and parents music lets you be you be you.You don’t need to be good when you listen, and for adults listen to music it is when they can chill out get away from kids a stress. music is cool, music is….. LIFE.

school events

On the fourth of Feb some of the kids from our class went on a ski trip. we catch the first ferry when we got to port McNeil a I was so happy to finally get on the bus, I fell right asleep. worn’t there i thought that this bus ride is taking forever.when we finally got to mt Cain  all of us wear so happy. when i saw the place it was just as i dream of when we got off the bus the first thing  i did was go get mt equipment on. when i was done i went for my lesson, it was kin-dove hard when i was done my lesson we all went in for lunch  i had a cheeseburger and juice with cookies home made . when all of us where done our lunch we went on the bunny hill a couple of times, then i went on the t bar it was really fun. when it was all most time to go i got my equipment off and waited on the bus in till we go. we where on the road i was so happy and hungry. next time we go i will do more and more skiing , when we got to port  McNeil  everybody was so happy. before we went to the ferry we went to subway allot of people got a pizza but i got a b.l.t. sub it was really good. when it was time to go we walk done to the ferry i thought we where going to miss it but luckily we didn’t when we got on the ferry it was really waving i got a big headache. when we got off the ferry it was gone,  and there where my parents waiting for me i told them every  thing.